Thursday, April 18, 2013


Have you seen the beautiful bluebonnets this year?  It seems like they get a little prettier each day.  I am so thankful to live in a state with such beautiful wildflowers each spring.  At Cat's, we are so very thankful for you, our wonderful customers.  Without you, there would be no store.  To show our appreciation, each Thursday we have a special sale.  Cat's has a large selection of flowers for our customers to purchase and use on their projects.   This Thursday, if you show this blog post when checking out, you will receive 15% off of your purchase of flowers.  So, if you love using flowers on your projects, be sure you stop by the store and take advantage of this sale. 

Cat and Ray are working hard getting everything ready for our Flamingo Funnies NSD Retreat.  They have already started taking things out to the park. 
Ann found some elephant dung for us while she was in Kenya......thankfully, our elephant dung is much prettier and doesn't smell bad.  Looking forward to seeing the beautiful elephant dung Cat will have for us at the retreat!
Cat and Nanci thought they were Tim and Mario while they were putting the kits together for the NSD classes.  
These are some wildflowers in a field near my house.  If you love flowers, remember to show this blog post to receive 15% off your flower purchase today only.  We are open until 8:00 p.m., so you will have more time to take advantage of this special.

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