Saturday, April 13, 2013


As scrapbookers we are used to "building pages and preserving our memories". Let's take it a step forward and "build a house or two and preserve a family's lives" with our Benefit Crop on Saturday, June 29th. 
Ann Laughlin and her daughter, Pastor Debbie Hornsby of The Rivers Edge Church, make a trip each fall to work with the women of the Health Education Africa Resource Team (HEART). HEART is a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to empowering the people of Africa to survive the HIV/AIDS pandemic. (Website:
The women in this program have come from very difficult lives in Africa. HEART offers a great program to teach them how to be a contributing member of the community. The program teaches them self-worth, business practices, skills necessary to work in one of the garment factories all while giving them a faith based foundation. They are taught by missionaries and must pass the program in order to move forward. When they pass they are given a home of their own in the village. These houses are very small by our standards but are a mansion to these women and their children.  
It takes $450 to build a house with a dirt floor and about $600 to build a house with a concrete floor.  Let's see if we can raise enough money at our crop to build one with the concrete floor ladies. 
The fee for the crop will be $30, ALL of which will go to HEART to build a house. Lunch will be provided, dinner is on your own. We will have tickets to purchase for drawings throughout the day. Lots of prizes to give away so open your hearts and your wallets and join us in building a house while we do our favorite thing--scrapbook