Friday, April 26, 2013


Reason # 8 to attend a retreat: Where else can you go to ask someone for a sheet of blue paper and get it offered in 10 different shades?
Reason #7 to attend a retreat: You might actually finish that layout that has been sitting on your desk for the last 2 months!
Reason # 6 to attend a retreat: Everyone there has the same disorder. CSD- Compulsive Scrapbook Disorder.  
In addition, we are all just one sheet of paper away from being on the next episode of Hoarders....and Cat will be glad to sell us more....and it's known as elephant dung!!!!   
Where else can we wear glasses like this,
act goofy,
and FIT RIGHT IN?????  
If you have never been to one of Cat's retreats, you are missing out on LOADS of fun.
There are two more retreats this year:
September 19-22 and
November 7-10.
Call the store now and reserve your spot so that you don't miss out on the
C R A Z I N E S S!!!!!

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