Monday, October 15, 2012


Trisha posted another wonderful sketch over on Sketch Inspiration yesterday.  Have you been sharing your creations over on the Sketch Inspiration website?  I know I have fallen behind on using the sketches, but since I'm going to start participating in WOW Wednesday maybe I can get caught up.  Trisha is getting discouraged because participation in the weekly challenges is WAY down.  Let's show her our love by using the sketches and sharing our creations on her website. 
This is a layout Valerie created using Sketch #337.
I've seen numerous sketch websites shut down due to the amount of work involved and lack of participation.  Sketches are fun to use, but if we don't support the people who give us these sketches, then we will lose these great resources.  So....let's all show Trisha how much we love her sketches by using them to create some layouts and share them over on Sketch Inspiration.  If you use an old sketch or don't get your layout done in time for the prize drawing, go ahead and upload it to her website so she knows her sketches are being used.  But to help her get sponsors, we need to try to get layouts created in time for the drawing so people will be more willing ot sponsor her sketch website.  AND...share them on WOW Wednesday and get the participation up for that as well.  
Allison used Sketch #325 to make a card. 
Just a reminder, you don't have to follow the sketch is for inspiration.  You should be able to see some of the elements, but make it your own.  Just give Sketch Inspiration the credit for providing the inspiration.
Denise Case used Sketch #337 for the right side of this two page layout.
Nita Griffith used Sketch #337 for this layout.
Pam Conover used Sketches 320 and 321 to create this two page layout.

All right ladies....let's all create some layouts or cards using Trisha's fabulous sketches.  Let's show her how much we love her and her sketches.



  1. Thanks Marilyn for the reminder. I have good intentions about getting them done but alas...I'm behind again. Thanks for sharing that Trisha would still like to have layouts uploaded even if past that weeks sketch. I thought she only wanted them if they were current. I love Trisha's sketches and don't know what I would do with them!

  2. I'm like Valerie, I thought you should only upload sketches for the current challenge. I don't know if I have photos still of the ones that I did do! I'm still not really scrapbooking yet except for those Halloween party pics I did. So I haven't had a chance to use any of the sketches lately. I have made cards with them though when they seem to fit or can be "reduced" down. :)
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