Sunday, October 28, 2012


Yesterday everyone had a tag-tastic day at the store learning techniques and making beautiful tags.
 Nanci explained and demonstrated the techniques that would be used to make the tags.
Then the creativity began:
Ann working her magic with the pine treees--love this!
Shaunery's lamp post tag in progress--love the snow on it!
Jean Marcotte's works in progress getting some drying time.  Beautiful!
Shannon's reindeer tag in progress.
My reindeer tag in progress.
Sandy's embossed tag with the pinecone on the two-tone background!
Another creation by Sandy - love the falling snow.
 Look at Shaunery's layered Santa tag.  LOVE how she used Flower Soft on the 25.
 Shannon's beautiful snowman tag.
My 3D Noel reindeer tag.
My ultra sparkly snowman tag.
We all had so much fun creating the tags, looking at each other's creations, sharing creativity and learning from each other and Nanci.  SO MUCH FUN!  Everyone is looking forward to next Saturday's class.
Thanks to Nanci and Cat for a fun-filled creative day.


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  1. It was a fun day and I loved everyone's tags--finished and in progress! Can't wait for Saturday for Tag Class #2!

    visit my blog @ sandy's crafty creations