Wednesday, October 14, 2015


 This weekend, Cat grabbed some photos of 
Ray and their grandson, Jake.
Then she added in her creativity and some of
Kaisercraft's "Scrap Yard" and
created this great layout.
These photos are priceless and look
great on this paper.
Grandpa is showing Jake how it's done!

On the subject of Ray, Cat had this great news to share:
Dr. Reddy has given Ray the seal of approval on his pacemaker! 
Don't have to go back for 3 months. 
We are so thankful that Ray went for
his checkup a few weeks ago 
and that Dr. Hisel heard the irregularity
in his heartbeat.  
We tend to skip checkups, but
this should be a lesson to us all about
how important they can be.

Speaking of checkups:
 Did you even know there was such a day?
It was yesterday.
The purpose is to remind women to go
for their mammograms.
So, even if you missed the holiday,
here is your reminder:
If you haven't had your mammogram done
yet, call and schedule one.
Don't forget!

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