Monday, October 5, 2015


Saturday, it was all about
Cropping out Juvenile Diabetes.
While we had creative fun,
we also raise money for this worthy cause.
There were bags full of goodies for us
to purchase tickets for chances to win.
Cat, Vickie, and two Sharons went to
Mark Witschorke's  Antique store before
Cat's opened and picked up some things to alter.
This window/shelf is one
that Sharon Leonard purchased to alter
for Christmas.  
 The finished product will look great on her 
walls during the holidays.
 Cat altered this picture frame 
for the Christmas holidays.
The candy striped rods were also purchased
at Mark's.
This picture frame is another one that
Sharon Leonard altered.
Very elegant!

We had lots of fun creating on Saturday
while cropping for a great cause.
Plus we won same great prizes!


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