Thursday, October 22, 2015


Are you ready for another fabulous
sketch from Cat?
 I think this may be one of my all time favorites!
I love the little strips scattered in
clusters on the page.
This could be:
 strips of washi tape (one of my favorites),
 those fun little word stickers,
 pieces of ribbon,
or strips of paper!
Lots of possibilities!
 The facing page. 
More of those fabulous little strips!
Plus, love the fact that this has
room for six photos.
Gotta love that!

You can see all of Cat's sketches

Another great way to have 
Cat's sketches with you all of the time 
is to save them to your smart phone.
With your smart phone, just click on
the link above.
Then click on each sketch and take
a screenshot of each one.
Put them in a folder on your phone.
Then you have easy access to them.
LOVE having them at my 

Grab a stack of photos
and get busy cropping with
these wonderful sketches!

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