Saturday, July 18, 2015


Today we are going to check out the
beautiful legacy collection from
This is another of the four new 
collections that came in this week.
Pictured above is the collection pack.
There are also paper pads that
provide 2 of each of the papers
in the collection.
This is the cardstock sticker sheet.
Journaling and embellishment cards
for you to cut out and use.
This page is just breathtaking!
I'm a sucker for vintage advertising.
So, this is yet another of my favorites!
The perfect page for recording
your family tree.
Blues and browns...
what could be better?
Another beautiful, vintage print.
Love how this looks like old wallpaper!
This one is just pretty!
Another beautiful print.
Wood and flowers....what could be prettier?
More vintage wallpaper....
I always love paper that looks
like stacks of old mail.
Love how the flowers frame this paper!

This collection is so beautiful and is perfect
for family photos, whether current
or vintage.
So, hurry in for yours because
these new collections are
VERY popular!

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