Friday, July 17, 2015


We have 
new lines of
wonderful Authentique
goodness in the store.
There is Devoted, which is a pet themed collection.
Infused is a tea party collection.
Legacy is heritage themed collection.
Seaside is a beach themed collection.
We will spend the next few days looking
at each collection closely.
However, you MIGHT want to
plan on visiting the store this weekend to
make sure you don't miss out on your favorite!
 First up is Devoted, which,
if you have pets, you will have to have.
This fabulous polka dot page with paw prints on it
will look great with photos of your pet.
This is my favorite.  Just beautiful!!!
Fabulous newsprint page featuring pet ads.
This floral paper has bird cages scattered among the flowers.
Hearts featuring music and pawprints -- LOVE it!
These images will look great embellishing your page!
Black and cream stripes with cats all over.
And, black and cream stripes with dogs all over!
Love the cat playing with the ball of twine
 in the corner on this page.
Music with scattered cats and dogs.
This cream and black page is rather
generic and would work for any theme.
More cat journal/accent cards to cut out and
use to decorate your pages.
Doggie journal/accent cards to use 
on your pages featuring your dog.
A 12 x 12 sheet of cardstock stickers
to use on your page.

I am totally in love with this collection and 
I suspect you will love it too.
So, you need to hurry up and pick
up your stash before I buy it all!  LOL!

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