Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Have a cup of tea....
"Infused" by Authentique is all
about tea and dessert.
Pictured above is the collection pack.
"Confection" is covered with
cakes, pies, and cupcakes.
"Fancy" is a pink, yellow, and green
argyle pattern paper.
 Teapots and teacups cover 
"Deluxe" is row after row of lace.
 Colorful bowls decorate the
"Gourmet" paper and it could
be used for a recipe book.
 "Sweetened" has a slice of cake and
cup of tea in the corner of the page.
 Enhancements is a page of
elements for you to cut out to
enhance your page.

This collection is great for those
tea party photos as well as
using for a recipe book.
So hurry in and get yours before
it is all GONE.

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