Monday, July 20, 2015


Today we are going to get a closer
look at the beautiful 
"Seaside" collection from Authentique.
Pictured above is the 12 x 12 pad of paper.
 This is the "maritime" paper.
Great borders to use or
just a great stripe.
 "Adrift" is a beautiful blue
with some great scrollwork on it.
 "Voyage" is a great stripe.
"Captain" is a great blue paper
with little white anchors on it.
 "Aquatic" is a really cool 
paisley/seashell paper.
 "Seafarer" is a really pretty
damask print with anchors and sailboats.
"Journey" is a grey paper with
white seagulls on it.
"Buoy" is a white paper with
life preservers scattered all over it.
"Navigate" is a beautiful cobalt blue
paper with white rope circles
with scattered anchors and sailboats.
"Oceanic" is a beautiful white
paper with clusters of coral and seashells
in the corners.
 "Coastal" is a pale blue paper with
a woven grid of rope on it.
"Waterfront" is a beautiful red paper with
white coral woven over it.
 Enhancements is a page of cut-outs
to embellish your page.

This is a beautiful collection that is
flying off of the shelves.
So hurry in to pick up yours 


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