Friday, August 2, 2013


TGIF and so glad that we are kicking off our 9th Anniversary with a CROP tomorrow.  I'm going to be there...are you???  Call the store and see if there is still room...don't miss out on the fun!
CHA orders are starting to arrive at the store.  This is the debut of Little B at the store, but I think we will be seeing more of this one.  Look at these amazing 3D embellishments!
Won't those onesies look great on those new baby projects???!!!!  Love those palm trees, waves, and shells.  
SWOON.....look at this wonderful washi tape!  I see at least 4 rolls that I need/want.  Love the Statue of Liberty tape...and those baby footprints are adorable!
These are so cute...there are some for New York, Paris, and London.  
Check out these fabulous 3D stickers from Paper House.  Combine these with the Lazer Man's die cut pages we saw yesterday and you will have some AMAZING pages!
Volleyball and basketball
as well as some wonderful police stickers.  Fabulous stickers to remember that great movie you went to see!
WOW...that fire truck is FANTASTIC!  The art stickers are a work of art!!!  
I'll share more of the wonderful Paper House stickers tomorrow. 
Everyone will be a winner with the envelope sale that is part of our 9th Anniversary fun.   We are bringing back the Envelope Sale in a new format.  From July 20th-Aug 10th each customer will receive ONE mini-bag that is sealed. Inside is a discount that will be revealed at checkout on Saturday, August 10th. If your bag is opened or tampered with in any way it will be void. You must keep your bag intact until the reveal date. Yes, it drives you crazy having that bag in your purse and not knowing what is in it. Discounts will range from 10%-40%. Shop to win!

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