Saturday, August 3, 2013


It's a Cat-tastic Caturday at the store and we are having a cropping good time!
If you have plans for a backyard bbq or picnic this weekend, Paper House has the perfect 3D stickers for those photos.
Going to a Ranger game?  These stickers will look great with your photos of that game.  Look at these great Elvis stickers for those photos from the NSD retreat!  YEAH!
Great stickers for those beach photos from your vacation.  Paper House has also given us some great religious stickers, which are always in short supply.  LOVE these Noah's Ark ones.
These are fabulous - that tree looks real!
More great 3D stickers for your religious layouts.
Fantastic 3D stickers for your Alaskan cruise photos and "stay-cation" photos.
We aren't in Kansas any more.....these are great!
Are you the good witch or bad witch???  
Beautiful stickers for your autumn and Thanksgiving photos.
Now we have the perfect stickers for those pumpkin carving and hayride photos.
Love your cup of "joe" in the morning???  Here are the stickers for photos of your morning cup!  Great 3D stickers for photos from your scout's camp adventures.
Great stickers to use for those layouts of your budding guitarist and your pre-schooler.
We all take lots of photos of our babies' milestones and here are stickers for some of those milestones.
It's tough licking all of those envelopes for the envelope sale!
Everyone will be a winner with the envelope sale that is part of our 9th Anniversary fun.   We are bringing back the Envelope Sale in a new format.  From July 20th-Aug 10th each customer will receive ONE mini-bag that is sealed. Inside is a discount that will be revealed at checkout on Saturday, August 10th. If your bag is opened or tampered with in any way it will be void. You must keep your bag intact until the reveal date. Yes, it drives you crazy having that bag in your purse and not knowing what is in it. Discounts will range from 10%-40%. Shop to win!

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