Friday, August 16, 2013


A retreat means new product for us to purchase before it is available in the store.  We call it "elephant dung" because Ann and Sharon made the remark one time that if Cat put out elephant dung we would buy it....and we probably would and think it was the prettiest dung ever!  LOL!  It has been known as elephant dung ever since and we came up with even more "dung" terminology yesterday at the store.  
When we descend upon the elephant dung at the retreat, we are dung beetles.  
We were "dungfounded" when Cat let us help check in and price all of the elephant dung for the retreat....of course with all of those boxes of product, she WELCOMED the help!  Even more is arriving today!    Our budgets are "dung" for!!!  This stuff is gorgeous and you are going to want LOTS!!!  
Once we started pricing the elephant dung and coming up with all of these went "dung" hill from there.....LOL!   Sharon wanted to know what Cat was if we are dung beetles....Nanci came up with the title "Grand Poop-AH".   Oh my.....we were getting quite silly.  

A couple of reminders for our retreat weekend.....
If you are planning on partaking in the cool pools at the retreat be sure to bring your beach towels as the park does not supply towels to be used at the pool.
Even though we all know that the retreat is great therapy, apparently the IRS doesn't look at it that way.  
Our "Nine is Fine as Wine"
Retreat is 


  1. I'm ready! Hope to be there at 10 sharp in the morning!! Whoo Hoo!!!

  2. It was so fun to have eveyone helping. That was pretty funny to come up with all the "dung" terminology!