Sunday, December 8, 2013


Remember to check Facebook and here to see if the store is open on Monday.  We do not know how the roads will be Monday morning.

Valerie Light (aka Valerie Finfrock) was nice and measured how much sleet we got - 2-1/2 inches!!
Cat snapped a photo out on Rancho Beaty - check out how deep the sleet is on the wagon wheels.

This is a photo of Denise Case's place - she lives on what used to be Hagan's Pony Farm.  It's a beautiful place throughout the year.
This is the view from our backyard.  You can see the sleet in our yard and below the hill.

Nanci had to share a plank while out sledding near Lipan.

View from Sharon Leonard's front door.  They got more ice in the metroplex than we did in Mineral Wells.  Look how the trees are drooping!

Valerie's horses coming out of the barn to greet her.  Don't you love that zebra print blanket!

Valerie's dog, Kaidence, is always up for a game of frisbee - even when it is icy!

Cat's dachshunds playing in the sleet.

Sharon's dog, Chanel, isn't too crazy about this frozen stuff.

I see the potential for lots and lots of fabulous layouts using the wonderful photos everyone is taking of this iciness.  We have some beautiful winter collections for you to use.  Shop early for the best selection.

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