Sunday, December 1, 2013


           It only took 23 minutes for the tables to go from

loaded down with tons of product for everyone to put in their bags to empty tables and FULL bags!
The ladies "patiently" waited in line for the doors to open so they could descend upon the tables!
Someone (we won't call any names, Vickie - LOL) slipped their money under the door to Ray...but he didn't take the bribe!
And then the fun began....around and around the tables they went. Picking up the bargains and stuffing their bags.  No pushing, grabbing, snatching....everyone is always very well behaved at these bag sales.
Let's see just how much we can get in that bag!  
It was Penny's first bag sale and she got quite a lot stuffed into her bag. that is one STUFFED bag!
Vickie assured Cat that she could get that stack of paper into her already somewhat full bag - look at that determination on her face!
With some help from Anna and her son, Vickie DID get it all in her bag!
See that stack on the left?  Glenda is going to get ALL of that into her bag!   REALLY????!!!!!
Do you think they go to training camp to learn how to stuff so much into these bags?  LOL!

Everyone was happy with their purchases and Cat was happy to get the product cleared out of the store.  Afterwards, everyone shopped the 20% off sale and picked up some of the new products while saving some money too.  Fun times for all.   Watch the blog and Facebook for the next bag sale!

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