Monday, September 23, 2013


....and so began another of Cat's fantastic retreats.  There were quite a few who arrived promptly at 1:00 p.m. so that they could enjoy every minute of the retreat.
Patrice was so happy to be retreating this weekend!
Of course, some people have very neat tables;
others....not so much!  LOL!
The crop room was buzzing with creativity!
Of course, we sometimes have problems with people getting bucked out of their chairs!  Yes, Vickie was OK...took her a while to get up because she was laughing so hard!
We were treated to some fabulous food from Cat and Ray, Golden Chick, and Mesquite Pit.
We enjoyed eating the delicious meals out on the patio.
When the "elephant dung" doesn't arrive like it was supposed to, what do you do?  
If you are Cat, you treat your retreaters to a 75% off didn't hear anyone complaining....just rushing to get their hands on the bargains!
What's a retreat without pajama raids...they are so popular and so much fun!

We had so much fun and hated for it to end.  If you missed this retreat, there will be another one November 7-10.   It will have an added treat of optional classes to help you with that Christmas list.  Join us for our Old Fashioned Country Christmas affair. If you miss it you will be ever so sad you weren't there.    Call the store to reserve your spot.

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