Sunday, November 4, 2012


Nanci had a room full of attentive students as she explained the cool techniques she was going to teach us at our second tag class.
Everyone was so impressed with the use of shipping tape to transfer images to facets and then putting the metal behind them to give them the look of mercury glass.
These are the facets that Nanci made for the sample tag.  All done with an image you select, shipping tape, water, and then applying metal tape behind.  AMAZING!
A completed tag and it even has the pine cones that we learned how to make in the second part of our class.  That was another cool technique using Tim Holtz's pine cone die.
These are Shaunery's tags "in progress".  She used rectangular facets on her tag.  I fell in love with the songbook dimensional Christmas tree she made.
This is the tag Sandy Trefger made and embellished with the facet she made.
This is the tag I made and embellished with my facets. 
Look at this beautiful tag that Kelly Maddux is working on.  I love the blues and whites on this!
Check back tomorrow for more tags from our tag class.  Nanci did a great job of teaching us some wonderful techniques.  So much creativity in the room!

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