Friday, November 9, 2012


and we are HAPPY!!!!
It is retreat weekend and the fun has already begun!   In addition to the retreat, we had a great class at the store Thursday night making the recipe library drawers.  We had to make some modifications due to an order mix-up, but everyone liked the end result better than the original.  As they say, there are no mistakes in scrapbooking, just opportunities for embellishment.
Cat got some more wonderful Sizzix products in this week.  Included in the order were some more Eclips machines.  If you are considering purchasing one of these machines, don't delay too long.  Cat has a special deal on these right now, but when she reorders they will go up $80.00.  They are currently $350, but will go up to $420 soon.  The Ecal software that allows the machine to use any true type fonts on your computer is $80.00. 
After the first of the year, we will have an Eclips/Big Shot club that will meet once a month.  One month it will be a class about the big shot, the next it will be about the Eclips.  The price of the class will be the price of the cartridge or die.  It will be a fun way to learn to use your new product.  That way you will get your money's worth out of your purchase, instead of just barely knowing how to use it. 
I hope you have a fabulous weekend and find some time to visit the store.

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  1. I am so excited about the eclipse/Bigshot club! Can't wait!