Saturday, August 1, 2015

I'M HUNGRY........

I'm hungry.....
where do you want to eat?
This is a common refrain during crops
and classes at the store. 
One of the favorite places to eat is
This is THE place for  great burger!
You can call ahead and drive through so 
you don't lose any valuable crop time!
 Here you get a real home made burger, fries
 (sweet potato ones if you want) and drink for one price. 
Best thing--those hamburger patties are all done by hand. 
 None of that pre-packaged hamburger patty stuff to be found here.
Dairy Mart is an older building with lots of charm as you can see by all the old signs. 
They also have the best darn club sandwich EVER!
This is a picture of it with some sweet potato fries.
 Not to mention shrimp baskets, tacos, chicken strip baskets, etc. etc. etc. 
 You see--it is like going back to your child hood here and the food is AWESOME! 
 This is a staple for the out of towners that come to crop & take classes.
If you are one of the few that have not tried this place--
best get with the program cause you are missing out big time!
So, are you sufficiently hungry?
Sounds like you need to go to 

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