Friday, August 21, 2015


October 3rd,
will be the

Pictured above is the two year old grandson of Cat's long time friend.
He was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes about 6 months ago. 
This child has stolen Cat's heart as he is so much 
like his grandmother was when they were kids.
 He is always smiling and happy and so full of joy. 
The family is doing a walk in San Antonio on October 18
 to raise money and awareness about Type 1 Diabetes. 
Our October 3rd crop will be a total Benefit Crop. 
Cat's will donate crop fee money to the foundation under Thomas Troopers. 
We will also have all kinds of fun goodies for you to bid 
on with all of those funds going to the foundation as well.
 It will be a crop for a good cause.

Before Cat could post this info to Facebook, 
she discovered that our favorite vendor, Authentique, 
was also recently connected to this not so nice disease.
 Bret Cornell's beautiful daughter, Maddi,
 has also been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. 
We will also be doing this Benefit in her name as well
 as she learns at an older age how to rearrange her lifestyle to accommodate Type 1.
 Dad says she has been quite the trooper herself showing 
the family true courage at such a young age.

Join us for 12 hours of some great fun and scrapping as
 we give our hearts and money to help eradicate this 
disease for all the other youngsters out there.

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