Friday, January 2, 2015


These are the daily prompts for the first week of the
Photo-A-Day Challenge.
Cat already has the album for January sketched out.
If you wish you had joined in on the fun last year,
now is the time to begin this year!
Be sure you let Cat know if you would like to
purchase the album kit so that she can prepare enough of them.

Chantelle #fatmumslim made some changes to how 
the prompt lists are being done this year.  I will let her tell you all about the changes:

"In the past the lists have always been monthly, and that’s been fun. 
But for some people it was too much of a commitment. 
 So I thought about how I could make it easier, and weekly came to mind. 
So weekly it is. I am more excited about this than I probably should be.

Like we’ve done this year, we’ve also got very talented designers
 and artists and creative folk designing the lists. 
I kicked off with designing the first list, because I wanted to have a play… 
but after the first week you’re going to see some really fun,
 stunning and eye-catching designs. In 2014 we had 12 designers, 
this year we’ll have a WHOPPING fifty-two.

I’ve got a handful of other great things planned for the year ahead, 
but I might keep a few secrets and reveal them in the New Year.

If you have an iPhone and iPad, the App will have a few little changes
 to adapt to the weekly list, plus some other cool things 
so as soon as the update is available, update it 
{unfortunately the approval process is taking longer than usual, 
but it should be ready any moment now}.

How does it all work?

Photo A Day is still very much the same. 
You’ll check out the list, take a daily photo and share it. .

I’ll reveal a new list each Sunday in the Little Moments App, 
or each Monday on my blog 
If you want the new list sent to your inbox each Monday, just sign up on the blog 
 and you’ll get the list via email first thing Monday mornings. 
The list will generally run from Monday to Sunday 
{the first one is a short one because the first day of the year didn’t fall on a Monday}.

Watch for the list each week.   I have downloaded the app to my phone also 
to keep me up but I never can stay on top of it. 
It will send you a message each day of the prompts. I will catch up my 2014!"
Just in case you think you won't be able to keep up with doing
a photo each day, notice that Chantalle is playing catch up too.
So, if you miss one, you can always go back and take the photo later.
I you want to play along, don't let that keep you from
joining in on the fun.

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