Sunday, November 9, 2014


Jen Starr's first mixed media class at the retreat was
"The Beauty of Inca Gold Canvas".
Jen had everyone pick a stencil to use for the 
first layer on their beautiful canvas.
She shows everyone the beautiful results they can get
by using the stencils.
Carol Houston gently removing the stencil to check her results.
Lifting off the stencil to see the beautiful rainbow butterflies.
Jen showing just how to do it...
Joyce rubbing the Inca Gold onto a beautiful butterfly.
Yes, Joyce, there is a class clown in every class!  LOL!
Letting the project dry between layers
Working on a butterfly while the canvas is drying.
Butterfly and dragonfly both waiting to be attached to the canvas.
Carol Houston adding a butterfly to her beautiful canvas.
 After supper it was time for the second class,
"Paint! Crackle! Stencil! Create Canvas".
 Julie and Paige listen carefully as Jen shows them what to do.
Nanci and Anna are entranced by what Jen is showing them!
All of the students watch as Jen shows them how to paint their canvas.
Everyone made beautiful canvases and 
enjoyed Jen's classes.
Before class began, Jen got to spend time with the longhorns.
That was her one request:
to see a real longhorn in Texas.
So, Cat took her to her friend's ranch to
see his pet longhorns.  
This one wants Jen to pet him!

We are all looking forward to 
Bootcamp with Jen on Tuesday.

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