Saturday, November 29, 2014


...and so the big move began.
Kathy Blay and Karen Williams brought a really
LONG trailer that the guys loaded with fixtures.
Then every vehicle was loaded to the roof with boxes.
Cat and Sharon had to re-work the layout....
You know how it is---
nothing ever fits the way you wanted it!
But once they got it redesigned, everything fell into place...
with some help from us.  Sharon started setting up the ribbon bar.
Valerie started hanging up all of the Thickers.
To her left is the cardstock room where Nanci was hard at work.
Sue Neff was busy putting up all of the school papers.
I was busy with the 50 states papers and stickers.
Joyce Woodhead was busy with the summer goodies.
Ray and Cat got busy putting together another fixture,
which will hold glue and tools.

We still have lots and lots and lots to do
The tables and chairs all have to be moved.
The check-out area has to be moved.

Lots and lots and lots of product still has to be put in its place at the new store.
Plus there are boxes and boxes and boxes of new product
to be checked in, priced, and put in its places.

But, we made GREAT progress today and will 
make even more progress tomorrow.
Any and all help is appreciated!

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