Sunday, June 30, 2013


What a wonderful, inspirational day we had Saturday cropping and raising money to build houses in Kenya.
Ann Laughlin's daughter, Debbie Hornsby, explained to us all exactly how "Heart" works.  I think it inspired all of us even more to make sure we built lots of homes for these women and their children.
Sharon brought a house to Ann containing a check for $500 (enough to build a house) from a local business.
Ann brought this cool frame for us to have our picture taken in.  Morgan Hendershott showed us how it's done!
Darlene and Christy prepared a delicious and beautiful lunch spread for us.
It was as delicious as it was beautiful!
We also celebrated Sharon's birthday.
Everyone enjoyed purchasing items - Mary Ragland stopped by and purchased some jewelry and this cool bag made by the ladies in Kenya.
It was Jeanie Lobsinger's lucky night - she won these two bags from the raffle!
Kim Stine was pleased with her raffle winnings.
Valerie won a bag full of goodies.
Cat modeled the scarfs that Kittie France won.  We had several people who phoned in raffle ticket purchases and two of them were winners.  Kittie was one of the lucky ones!
Sandy Trefger was all smiles with her winning bag!
Shaunery was VERY excited to win the big basket of goodies from "The Celler".
Jeanie Lobsinger was beaming as she won her third prize from the raffle.  It couldn't have happened to a nicer person.

At the end of the day with some money still coming in we had collected just under 
This will build 
5 houses with concrete floors 
for women and their children in Kenya! 
How awesome is that? 
Thank you all so much for being a part of this great day.


  1. The love & generosity of everyone makes my heart smile! Who knew we could raise so much money & build 5houses for women & their children! Thank you all!!

  2. It was an fun day and so awesome that we raised enough money for FIVE houses! Wow! Love my raffle bag and thanks to Ann and Debbie and Cat and all who put this event together!