Friday, June 14, 2013


Today is "Family History" day.  How are you going to celebrate?  Since scrapbooking is a great way to preserve your family history, you could celebrate by scrapbooking.  Or, maybe stocking up on some scrapbook bargains at the:
Today is the LAST day of the sale.  At the end of business today the sale bins will go away.  So come by the store and take advantage of the 50% discount on all of the fabulous products in the sale bins.

The Ranger products have been restocked. 
The stock of distressed paint dabbers has been replenished.  I wonder if these will fly out of the store as quickly as the last restock did!
Have you been waiting for some distress ink pads?  Those have been restocked as well.  The super popular peacock feathers and gathered twigs are back in stock as well as many other colors.  So come pick up your favorite colors.
New Viva Decor products are here.   I visited Viva Decor's website to check the qualities of these new products.  I was greatly impressed that most, if not all, can be applied to glossy surfaces such as acrylic.  In addition, quite a few are weatherproof.  Pretty impressive stuff!
 New colors of 3D stamp paints are here.  If you have never tried these out, you need to get some.  They are so cool!
Beautiful new colors of the Inka Gold.  We have sample sizes of these so you can try them out before buying the larger size.
The glitter paste is absolutely gorgeous and adds sparkle and texture to your projects.  In addition to glitter, there are also micro-beads to add color and texture to the paste.  I was checking out the new products on their website and it says that this really holds its shape when used with a stencil.
The modelling cream is a lot of fun to use with stencils.  I did this and it dries fairly quickly plus adds some texture to your layout.
I used some of the Ferro on the silver heart.  It gave it a nice metallic sheen and lots of texture.  I just smeared it on with my finger  Applied the modelling cream the same way.  Love those things that you can just smear on with your finger and get great results!

So, come pick up some of these fabulous products to use on your next projects.  While you are at the store, pick up some items from the sale bins before they go away at the end of the day.

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