Sunday, January 27, 2013


Jill (in the left hand corner of the photo), from Sizzix, taught us all how to use our Eclips machines on Saturday.  Jill was very patient and tried to make sure we were successful at doing each task.
She had different people putting in the commands so that everyone had some practice at working the handheld device part of the Eclips.
Then we moved back to the tables with our individual machines and began learning how to use the Ecal software with our Eclips.  Although Sharon was being the "class clown" in this photo,she really was very helpful to Ann.
We all were really paying close attention to what Jill told us to do and tried to do exactly as she said....however, sometimes it didn't work out the first time around.
Karen Holland (in the red) was very glad she brought her daughter, Harli, with her, since Harli is very "tech-savvy"!  Harli was helping everyone when they got stuck since Jill couldn't be everywhere.
Jill was very patient with us and would even like to come back!
Jill taught us:
how to use pens with our Eclips (it will use almost any pen - we used Bic permanent markers)
how to cut vinyl
how to weld the letters together
how to tell the machine to score, write with a marker, and cut all on the same project!
These machines are amazing and we are all looking forward to learning even more about them and how to use them. 
Thanks to Jill and Cat for a wonderful class!

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