Monday, December 10, 2012


It's another MARVELOUS Monday at Cat's and we have some marvelous new products in the store.  Cat just keeps on getting more beautiful things in the store for us to add to our Christmas wish list.  On Saturday we took a look at some of the new Reminisce products.  I thought we would look at more of these these marvelous mini lines of paper.

These papers are perfect for the photos you took up at the lake or at summer camp. 
Do you feel the need for speed?  These racing and adreneline rush papers will take care of those exciting photos.

These are the perfect papers for that retirement party.  Or for the photos of the retirees relaxing and partying.


These are going to be super popular.  Beautiful weathered wood paper for photos of you and your horse.  Then the marvelous wood plank and denim country music papers will be perfect for photos from your recent country music concert. 
This band paper will be very popular as well.  Mothers of band students will be so happy to get some paper for photos of their favorite band members.
Look at this bright and cheerful birthday paper.  It is perfect for those birthday party memories.

Come on down to the store to pick up some of these great papers to scrapbook your memories.
See you there!

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