Friday, December 7, 2012


Sorry about this being so late...thought I had it scheduled to go live at midnight.  Better late than never, I guess.
Are you looking for some gift ideas?  There are several different gift items that you can make using your scrapbook supplies. 

These tissue boxes have been very popular and are fairly quick and inexpensive to make.  You can make them to match the recipient's home decor or make seasonal tissue boxes for them.  The instructions are available at the store.
These stationary/card holders have also been very popular.  The box itself is available for $9.99 and then you use the paper and embellishments of your choice to decorate the box.  This takes a little more time to make, but will make a very nice gift.  Valerie made this one for her mom and filled it with Christmas cards.
This is the one that Nanci made and
Sandy made this one.  As you can see, they are alterable to match your taste. 
Are you planning to give someone a gift of wine this Christmas?  Cat has these really cute burlap bags that you can decorate for your gift of wine.
I hope this has helped you mark some things off of your Christmas list. 

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