Monday, March 2, 2015


After ice formed on top of the snow,
it made for even faster sledding fun!
Brenda tried out the faster sledding action...
as well as Breta and Gayla.
Cat said it was a toss-up as to who had more fun...
the sledders or Kevin!
 When the restaurant couldn't make it through the snow and ice
to cater the meal Friday night,
Kelly and Ann got in Kelly's 4 wheel drive truck
and went the little store in Perrin for supplies.
 The next day they had Cat's tortilla soup and
grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch.
Then the restaurant WAS able to make it with
the fillet mignon for supper Saturday night.
 Then they had to force feed themselves
Ann tried out the yummy dump cake that Kelly made for everyone.
 The group was a little smaller because some of the Friday 
arrivals could not make it due to the road conditions.
However, this is what Cat had to say about the
ladies who made up this retreat:
This has been an awesome group of ladies 
that have been so much fun 
in the face of a snowmagedden disaster. 
They have made the most of the situation, 
gone sledding and helped me with everything 
from kitchen duty to playing in the snow.

Post by Cat's Creations Scrapbooks.
What do you do when the weather outside is icy?


  1. It was the most fun retreat to date!!! Being snowed in for a scrapbooking retreat was a dream come true! Thanks Cat for ordering up that snow and for putting up with our silliness! We hope we aren't voted off the island!!!

  2. It was such an awesome retreat! We were really hoping to be snowed in for an extra day or 2 or 3 or more!!!