Monday, February 23, 2015


It is a frozen winter wonderland outside in North Texas today.
Cat braved the elements a few minutes (in Ray's coveralls)
and snapped some GORGEOUS photos of the birds.
Look at this close-up of the cardinal in the oak tree!
Cardinals are such a bright spot on snowy, dreary days.
Check out the woodpecker that came to visit.
You can see the sleet still falling in this one.
Not to be outdone by the beautiful cardinal,
this beautiful blue jay came to visit.
Still not as spectacular as the cardinals,
in my opinion.
As you can see, the ground is covered in sleet.
 Cat and I did some texting earlier and
do not think we will open the store on Tuesday.
It's not going to get above freezing today,
so no opportunity for this icy mess to go away.
I live on a steep hill out in the country and
have to navigate a curvy, country road to
get to 281 and the store.
We don't want YOU to try to get out in the mess either!
So, unless you see otherwise here or on Facebook,
we won't be open until
Wednesday morning.


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