Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Cat created this cute little snowman painting.
Love how the Stampendous Mica Fragments look like snow.
Then she created this cute little angel card using a 
Clear Scraps angel card.  
This is the inside of the card - beautiful!
She used texture paste, Distress Glitter, 
Dylusions white paint, Tim Holtz stencils,
 Distress Markers, alcohol inks, Tim Holtz stamps & Stazon inks.

She wrote this about the craziness that went on all weekend.
What a great weekend at the store with the 
Mixed Media In House Retreat ladies.
 So much talent throughout the store from all the ladies 
and all the sharing of ideas and techniques was wonderful to see. 
On my way home I was laughing to myself 
at all the various personalities and how well they all mesh together. 
We have our unassuming one that sits and takes it all in but then
 periodically throws out a snarky little zinger
 that sends everyone into stitches. 
 There is the quiet one that loves to try anything and sits there in her own 
 little world creating away only coming up for air when she hits a stump 
 or needs another product to add to the mix. 
 We have a Girl Scout that brings everything she owns and whenever anyone 
needs something totally off the wall her response is 
"Oh I have one you are welcome to borrow"
. Ms Giggles laughs at everything, including her happy little mistakes,
 and always has a bright positive outlook no matter what the outcome.
 If it is not what she had in mind she rolls with "I meant for it to look like that" 
and she just laughs it away. The Inquisitive one asks 40 thousand questions 
about every little detail of a product, how it works and what it will do.
 For heaven's sake woman just use it and find out for yourself.
 We can only tell you so much. Such a funny one is she! 
Then there is Ms. Tail End, the one that only listens to the tail end of 
 3 different conversations going on around her and we have to explain 
from the beginning of each one. (We now know just how rumors get started.)
The artist that is always going over the top and
 outta the box with her projects and use of product that will yell 
"Whoooo Hoooo" when it all comes together!
 She is usually dragging her best friend along with her but since said friend 
is talking to everyone she misses out on half the instruction so
 Artist has to back track for her so she does not get further behind.
(Hazards of knowing half the town.)
The Innocent one is quite creative and loves teaching as she goes.
 She just has to keep her color in check as we tend to make her turn beet red 
at the thought of some of our antics and ideas for solving world issues. 
The Tower of Trouble is always instigating something when she is around 
and it is double trouble with her big sister beside her. 
This one will subtly stir the pot and sit back and watch the fall out 
while laughing hysterically at her handiwork. 
She has been known to move a table around to see how long it takes the owner to realize it.
 Ms. In Her Own Zone works away as she creates on paper and then
 transfers the idea to her papers. Ask her a question and just sit and wait for it.
 Wait for it, Just wait for it. She is so in her zone she has no idea you are talking to her!
Yes, these ladies are more fun than any TV show or movie, 
they are cheaper than therapy and 
the comedy they provide just makes you feel good all over.
 I would not trade them for the world!
Cat is so creative...
whether she is crafting, photographing, or writing.
Now we are all having fun trying to figure out which one of the above is us!

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