Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Retreat is in FULL Swing. . .

A Squirrel's Eye View of a Cat's Retreat

It was a day like any other at our scenic country home, Mitchell Resort in Perrin, Texas. The beautiful green golf course surrounded by adorable country cottages, birds singing away and enjoying the early fall day as us squirrels scurried from place to place hunting for nuts and seeds.  And then All Of A SUDDEN. . .

There were women Everywhere! They were coming from every direction each one in their own vehicle. They stopped at The Grand Maple building as close to the door as they could get. As they got out of their cars they started laughing and greeting each other in the most loud and crazy manner,  "girlfriend it is so good to see you"  "you look so good mamma"  "did you bring everything you own woman"  "let me help you with all that mess" All of this followed by at least a thousand rolling bags, wagons full of boxes and "stuff", chairs, crates, bags and more bags, and they took it all into the building.  What on earth are they doing in there?

We scurried over to the patio doors with the windows to peek inside.  Squirrels are not all that tall so we had to take turns standing on each other's shoulders to see. Oh My Goodness!  Those women were laughing and hugging and giggling and acting like 4 year old girls at a birthday party. Each table had a bag full of goodies already on it but they just added all that "stuff" they brought in to the mess. They just kept pulling things out of those wagons and rolling carts. They set everything up on tables and made all kinds of a mess on those clean white tables with all that "stuff". They had scissors, cutters, inks, paints, fancy electric machines and soooo much P A P E R! Oh My-all that P A P E R! What are they ever going to do with all that P A P E R?

We watched for a bit and the women just kept coming in. One was in the kitchen cooking and all of them were laughing and acting crazy like some of the drunks we have had in the resort in the past. They were visiting, eating chocolate and sitting at those tables with all that P A P E R.  It looked like they were making paper dolls or something but we were just too short to really see everything.

All of a sudden they all started leaving. They took off in different cars only leaving a couple in the building  They kept talking about raiding their PJs.  Who would raid their PJs?  What is wrong with these women anyway? A couple of hours later they all come back and headed back to their tables. Some of them were in their PJs and they just kept laughing and acting crazy.

And people have the nerve to call us squirrels nuts? The very idea?  These women  are waaaaayyyyy nuttier than any of us squirrels.

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