Monday, June 16, 2014


Ray is working on enlarging Cat's craft room.  
He decided to hurry down the ladder Sunday morning and ended up
missing the last rung of ladder.  He fell down 4 steps to the deck 
& landed on all fours in the gravel path. 
Totally messed up right little finger.
Off to the Emergency Room Cat and Ray went.
About 20 stitches later, inside & out, including 2 on the base of his thumb all was good. 
All of that trauma made Ray hungry!
So Cat took him to have chicken fried steak at The Mesquite Pit.
Cat and Ray were all smiles after a great dinner and visit with kids and grandkids.
 We are so glad that Ray is OK.
Ray bought cotton gloves to put over the stitches so he and 
Cat can get the rest of the outside work finished today.
  What a guy!  
Yep, TomCat is our super hero!!
We are all thankful that he wasn't hurt any worse.
Get well soon, TomCat! 

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